October 2021

Comment ajuster des patins artistiques

For superior performance out on the ice, check out our tips below on fitting figure skates to your needs. 


☐ Skates
☐ Socks or tights

ÉTAPE 1 : Déterminez la pointure

Figure skates typically fit one to one-and-a-half sizes smaller than a regular running shoe, so make sure to choose accordingly. 

ÉTAPE 2 : Portez les bas avec lesquels vous allez patiner

In order to get the best fit possible for peak performance, wear the type of socks you plan to wear out on the ice. Thick socks typically do not work as well as thin socks or tights in figure skates. 

ÉTAPE 3 : Desserrez les lacets

To fit your figure skates, undo and loosen all of your laces. Then, pull the tongue of the skate all the way forward. 

ÉTAPE 4 : Insérez le pied

En position assise, glissez le pied dans la botte jusqu’au bout, sans plier les orteils.

ÉTAPE 5 : Vérifiez le talon

Next, you can complete a size check. If you cannot slide a pen into the back of your boot, the skates are too big. If you can easily slide a pen into the back of your boot, the skates are too big. The pen should fit snugly into the back of your boot. 

ÉTAPE 6 : Lacez les patins

Mettez la languette en place et lacez les patins fermement, mais sans trop serrer. S’il y a un espace entre la languette et le côté des patins, la botte est trop petite. Si les côtés sont au-dessus de la languette, se rejoignant presque, la botte est trop grande.

ÉTAPE 7 : Levez-vous et marchez

Now that your skates are safely on, you can stand up and walk around. If the skates are a good fit, your feels should stay stationary, your toes should not be touching the end of the boot, and you should be able to stand up straight with no problems. 

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