Summer 2021

Comment choisir une tente

Whether you’re going camping for a weekend or on an extended adventure far from home, the right tent can make all the difference. Check out the advice from our experts below on how to select the perfect tent for all your getaways this summer.


Cabin Tents: Cabin Tents have walls that are vertical rather than sloped, providing more living space. Some models include room dividers for privacy or canopies for additional space. 

Dome Tents: Les tentes en dôme offrent généralement moins d’espace intérieur habitable en raison de leurs murs en pente, mais elles sont plus faciles à monter et résistent mieux aux vents.

Tents with Screen Houses: Certaines tentes ont des moustiquaires intégrés qui vous permettent de profiter du beau temps sans vous soucier des insectes. Ces tentes sont pratiques pour manger ou se détendre lors des aventures du week-end.

Backpacking Tents: Les tentes de randonnée sont conçues en tenant compte du poids et pour offrir une durabilité supérieure. Elles ont habituellement un profil bas et comprennent des mâts en aluminium et des tissus spéciaux qui réduisent leur poids.

Abris moustiquaires: Portable screen houses offer a welcomed escape from insects and weather conditions, providing both shelter and shade from summertime conditions. 

Tentes gonflables: Inflatable tents replace rigid poles with heavy-duty inflatable beams that be filled quickly with a pump, making set-up faster and easier than ever before. 

Instant Tents: Instant tents, or pop-ups, are lightweight and designed for ultra fast setup. 


Tents are typically measured by number of occupants, such as a two-person or four-person tent. This number does not take into account space for gear or extra room for lounging, so it’s handy to have a tent that’s larger than you think you need. To stay organized, look for tents with integrated gear lofts or handy storage pockets.

Conditions météorologiques

Taped Seams: Les coutures scellées sont enduites d’un revêtement imperméable additionnel qui empêche l’humidité de pénétrer. 

Water-Resistant Coating: Water-resistant coatings (sometimes referred to as PU) are rated in millimetres based on approximately how much water the tent fabric can hold before it may leak into the tent. The higher the number, the greater the water resistance and rain protection that tent can carry in uncertain weather conditions. 

Welded Floors: Tents with welded floors have seams that have been heat welded together, eliminating stitch holes and possible leak points. 


Room dividers: When camping with groups of people, tents with room dividers provide privacy and help separate living and sleeping areas. 

Air regulation: For maximum comfort, look for tents with options for controlling temperature and airflow through windows and vents. Tents with mesh are ideal since they offer maximum airflow and superior protection from insects. 

Electrical cord ports: Les passages pour rallonge électrique offrent un accès pratique à l’abri de l’eau pour passer une rallonge extérieure vous permettant d’utiliser des appareils électriques dans votre tente.