Summer 2021

How to Choose the Right Backpack

Que ce soit pour votre prochaine randonnée ou vos déplacements sur le campus, voyons les options à votre disposition pour choisir le bon sac à dos.


Sport Day Packs: These everyday backpacks generally do not contain an internal frame. They are ideal for shorter trips, such as day hikes, or as a hands-free way to keep everything together while you’re on the go. 

Hiking Day Packs: These medium-to-large backpacks typically have internal frames, shoulder and sternum straps, and a hip belt to help evenly distribute weight between the upper and lower body. Other features of the Hiking Day Pack include reservoir compatibility, compression straps to tighten and balance a partial load, and a rain hood to keep your bag dry. 

Sacs d’étudiant: These medium backpacks may include features such as a padded laptop pouch, an audio port or a water bottle holder. These are perfect all-purpose packs for busy people on the move. 

Laptop Backpacks and Shoulder Bags: Designed for the student or work commuter, these professional looking bags have a clean design for transporting your personal laptop and office essentials. 

Expedition and Travel Packs: Avec leur grande capacité, ces sacs sont essentiels pour les longs voyages dans des conditions difficiles. Certains comprennent une grande poche ou des sangles amovibles, une housse imperméable, un cadre interne léger en aluminium, une ceinture de hanches réglable, des bretelles et un panneau arrière rembourrés, des anneaux à outils et plusieurs options de chargement par le haut. Vérifiez quel poids peut être soutenu par votre sac à dos pour savoir s’il peut accueillir tous vos effets.

Hydration Reservoirs and Bladders: Sport and Hiking backpacks often have a built-in sleeve which holds a hydration reservoir/bladder. These packs offer the wearer a convenient spout to drink from without the need to open your bag and grab your water bottle. They should only be used exclusively in warm weather since they can freeze and crack at cooler temperatures.